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Dirt Cheap

12:19 AM - 12 January 2017 ( 0 Votes ) 

I will never forget John Jeavons words of wisdom "we must grow soil before we grow food"

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4:36 PM - 16 November 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 


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How Forest Heal People

6:38 PM - 13 November 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

How Forest Heal People

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The City Farmer

6:50 PM - 22 February 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

Great Model for Urban and City Farming. City Farmers Nursery in San Diego Ca.

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Ben Flanner / Brooklyn Grange

10:05 PM - 4 February 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

Rooftop Gardening & Farming has evolved very quickly. If you like this video make sure you rent a short film on rooftop gardening.

BROOKLYN FARMER: A Portrait of Urban Farming Across the Rooftops of New York City.

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Waves of Grace

6:57 PM - 27 January 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

Brave New Earth curates our first 360 VR VIDEO. Its hard to imagine visiting a story that tackles Ebola head on but when done with Grace and VR-360 you have a brave new world for storytellers emerging. Even if your not using a VR device you can still look around just using your cursor. Try it out! Great story!

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Temples of Damanhur Italy

7:28 PM - 21 January 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

Quick look into the temples of Damanhur Italy.

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Life in Syntropy - With Agenda Gotch

11:25 AM - 1 January 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

Our First Video for 2016- great short film on Ernst Götsch work in Brazil. Great model for so many land use projects. This guys is creating one amazing Food Forest. In 1985, Ernst Götsch started a cacao plantation in the south of Bahia, Northeast Brazil. The land was in very poor condition. After 40 years of slash and burn agriculture the soil was depleted and the wells had run dry. Five years later the land was covered by a young but productive agroforest and water was flowing again. This was the result of the system of ‘regenerative analog agroforestry’ developed by Götsch and known in Brazil as SAFRA.

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The Fisherman's Son

8:06 PM - 30 December 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

How to wrap up the year @BraveNewEarthTV but  with a great short film?  Born and raised at Punta de Lobos, Ramón Navarro found his passion riding the biggest waves on the planet. But his accomplishments in giant surf are just one part of a bigger vision to protect the culture and environment of the Chilean coast. Gives me inspiration for sure!

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Shaped By Hand

3:14 AM - 30 December 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

This short film features Vince McIntyre, a Canadian farmer who is preserving a way of life from a bygone age.

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