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Earth Heart Series

7:41 PM - 25 December 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

It's an oldy but goodie. A piece I did for Quantum Shift TV many moons ago... Its a 6 part series so make sure you let the series cycle through.



Three Big Change Films

10:27 PM - 6 December 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

It's almost the end of 2015 and as we all feel the changes happening on the planet there are three wonderful films to be on the lookout for. What's great about all three is that they all are creating dynamic interactive particpatory websites where a global generation can educate themselves about the situation we are facing.

First one is by Academy Award-winning director, (The Cove) Louie Psihoyos - Racing Extinction
Click on the picture to view a preview/trailer of this film.

Second is - Time To Choose by Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson - TRAILER

and third on my list is Naomi Klein's - This Changes Everthing -   View - TRAILER

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The Art of Healing the Earth

8:54 PM - 13 November 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

It's been 9 years 6 months since I started the platform! Sad to say that its been a very rough year in my life in transition and Im still uncertain whats next for BNE channel! Instead of having a pity party I came across John Dennis Liu's Indiegogo project
"The Art Of Healing The Earth"it breaks my heart as I know that deep down his message and his work is needed more than ever on this planet!

Carpa Diem by donating  to Johns project!

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5:55 AM - 28 July 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

ĀINA (pronounced "eye-nah") means “That Which Feeds Us” in the Hawaiian language. The film highlights a way to address some of the most pressing environmental and health crises facing the island of Kauai - and of island Earth. That may sound like an outstanding claim, but as ʻĀINA vividly illustrates, such is the power of agriculture and food for people and the planet. WATCH THE FULL SHORT FILM BY CLICKING THE IMAGE.

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POC 21

7:30 PM - 17 July 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

100 Pioneers - 12 major projects - 5 weeks of experimentation, brainstorming and creating a better world.

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New Earth Forming

8:42 PM - 15 July 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

Permaculture Food Forest being formed on Kalapana Coastline.


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New Earth Imagination Director - Renaissance Man for Hire

6:05 PM - 24 May 2015 ( 0 Votes ) 

On the search for my dream job. Seeking a property manager, caretaker position for retreat, farm or eco island project.

scroll thru the 5 slides above or
View on FlowVella - Presentation Software for Mac and iPad

If you know of someone who owns a unique property and is in the process of developing a eco oriented land project please share this link with them.

“Dedicated to a life of caring for and regarding the earth, I am committed to serving a vision for humanity living in harmony with nature. “
Bruce Weaver

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Piekido Master

7:53 PM - 6 December 2014 ( 0 Votes ) 

Rafa makes some of the best pie at Three Rivers Farm. Gluten Free!

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Making Apple Cider

5:16 AM - 13 November 2014 ( 0 Votes ) 

Its the end of fall and end of harvest. Heres a quick videoblog on Rafa and Shukyo pressing apples for Apple Cider.

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Drying Aronia Berry

4:16 PM - 14 October 2014 ( 0 Votes ) 

Harvesting the last of the Aronia Berry, the new superfood.

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