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Mushroom Foraging with Paul Stamets

6:21 PM - 19 October 2016 ( 0 Votes ) 

We at Three Rivers Farm had the great pleasure of hosting our friend Paul Stamets and better still, to go edible mushroom forging with him. For anyone who doesn't know who Paul Stamets is, its probable you've been living under a mushroom in an old growth forest for years, since he's a renowned Mycologist, author of several books on mycology, too many environmental awards to list and was recently chosen to be an invention ambassador by the American Association for the Advancement of Science-- the largest and most prestigious scientific organization in the world. For those who do know Paul, its likely you also know he was the keynote speaker at the recent Bioneers conference last month where he announced his MycoBee Hypothesis. He made a compelling connection between Bear scratches on trees, Mycelium growing on the sap, Bee's attracted to the scratches and the mycelium, and of course, there is the obvious connection to Winnie The Poo and why bears like honey. Paul, of course, leads us to how Mycelium can change the world, and a potential solution to CCD! MycoBee Hypothesis - Is Mycellium a missing link in understanding bee health - if so we need to reestablish a connection between bees and local mycelium to help bees overcome colony collapse disorders. Mycohoney


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