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Living The Good Life: Walking in the footsteps of Scott & Helen Nearing

9:25 PM - 17 November 2012 ( 1 Vote ) 

Living The Good Life ; Walking in the footsteps of Scott & Helen Nearing

This was an experimental backpack broadcasting which was shot on vacation with just a point and shoot camera - sony cybershot DSC RX100

Greg Joly and Mary Diaz purchased a piece of land in Jamaica Vermont and hand built a homestead. Following in the footsteps of Scott and Helen Nearing who in 1932 left New York City to establish a homestead in Jamaica Vermont. There experiment in living the simple life, building there own home, growing there own food became famous with the publication of "Living The Good Life - how to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World". They continued there experiment in Vermont for over 20 years before taking there learned skills in homesteading to build another homestead in Harborside Maine.

Thanks to Greg Joly & Mary Diaz of Jamaica Vermont

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