Brave New Earth

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Masa Off Grid

10:40 AM - 21 November 2012

If there was a model for Brave New Earth and what I envision doing with videoblogging this is a great example of backpack broadcasting. -- Going Off The Grid with Masa.  A Journalist from Vancouver Canada integrates himself for one year into an existing off-grid community in Haida Gwaii, a small island off the coast of British Columbia. My proposal is not only to go off grid but to do many more DIY type projects as well as Permaculture and new innovations in Farming and Farm Hacking.  Watch the whole Masa Off Grid Video Series here. MASA OFF GRID PLAYLIST

Living The Good Life: Walking in the footsteps of Scott & Helen Nearing

9:25 PM - 17 November 2012

Living The Good Life ; Walking in the footsteps of Scott & Helen Nearing

This was an experimental backpack broadcasting which was shot on vacation with just a point and shoot camera - sony cybershot DSC RX100

Greg Joly and Mary Diaz purchased a piece of land in Jamaica Vermont and hand built a homestead. Following in the footsteps of Scott and Helen Nearing who in 1932 left New York City to establish a homestead in Jamaica Vermont. There experiment in living the simple life, building there own home, growing there own food became famous with the publication of "Living The Good Life - how to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World". They continued there experiment in Vermont for over 20 years before taking there learned skills in homesteading to build another homestead in Harborside Maine.

Thanks to Greg Joly & Mary Diaz of Jamaica Vermont

Farm Schools

4:28 AM - 17 October 2012

As Thanksgiving approaches and as Brave New Earth starts a new version of its website 3.0 I wanted to offer those who stumble across my site something special and inspiring.  Here is a whole pie for you to eat and digest a video sure to inspire greatness. Agriculture and Farming for the 21st century are in transformation.

There is a new breed of Farmer a new farm movement if you will. One example of this transformation are Farms which are becoming educational institutes teaching these new young farmers. Pie Ranch inPescadero, CA is one example. There pie ranch video series is a great way to learn about pie ranch. To learn more about Pie Ranch here is there website>> Pie Ranch  
Another great Farm-Educational-Farm Stay is in Boulder Utah >> True Nature - Sustainable Farm and Wilderness School
and on the east coast we have the >>> Stone Barn Center & The Farm School

Lexicon Of Sustainablity

4:28 AM - 17 October 2012

This video production I did was done by creating a unique Prezi presentation and then screen capturing into a video. Very fun project. 

Words are the building blocks for new ideas. The word Sustainability is used so freely these days that its hard to tell what the word really means. "Oh yeah sustainability, that must be something good" One person who is helping to change the way we look at sustainability is Douglas Gayeton. His Lexicon Of Sustainability project is not only picture perfect but is using a new visual interface to help clarify what it is via pictures and words.